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Why You Need Preventative Maintenance On Your Medical Equipment

March 1, 2017

Are you a facility that uses biomedical equipment and is in need of equipment maintenance services? At Omnicor Biomedical Services, we pride ourselves on providing an array of different biomedical services. If you’re interested in rental equipment, preventative maintenance, ventilator service, sales, and equipment repair services, we offer each of those services for your biomedical facility. In addition, if you’re looking to purchase secondhand biomedical equipment, we also buy and sell medical equipment. Catering to the New York state area, Omnicor Biomedical Services will provide you with all of your biomedical equipment needs. In today’s blog, we’ll be going over the importance of preventative equipment maintenance.

What is Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative equipment maintenance is to ensure your biomedical equipment is working the way it should be. Preventative maintenance is regularly checking your biomedical equipment to make sure that nothing needs to be fixed or updated. In addition, preventative equipment maintenance lessens the likelihood of your piece of biomedical equipment falling apart. By regularly having preventative equipment maintenance completed on your biomedical equipment, you’re ensuring the piece of equipment is working properly. When you don’t perform preventative equipment maintenance, then your piece of equipment is liable to break faster or cost you much more money to fix it when you allow a problem to fester. If you are experiencing malfunctions with your biomedical equipment, then we encourage you to come to Omnicor Biomedical Services where we can repair medical equipment and offer medical equipment rentals as you wait for your piece of equipment to be repaired. If you’re looking to have your equipment maintained by us, then we can provide you with many different benefits we offer when you come to us. Read more about preventative equipment maintenance service.

The Benefits Of Preventative Maintenance

As we mentioned above, if you don’t have preventative equipment maintenance done regularly, then you’re liable to face a few not-so-great issues. Listed below are three benefits to getting your equipment regularly checked and maintained.

Save Money

When you have preventative equipment maintenance completed, you’re able to save money. By checking your equipment, you won’t have the chance of missing any huge problems. Preventative equipment maintenance checks will be able to catch any problems early on, so you don’t have to face major damage down the road.

Safety First

Safety, especially in the biomedical field, is imperative. You don’t want your equipment to not be safe. When you have your equipment checked consistently, you’re able to keep the biomedical equipment safe.

Stay Smart

As a biomedical facility, you should always be up to date in the field. When you have your equipment checked regularly you’re able to stay up to date on the big picture of biomedical equipment. Stay smart by continuously getting preventative maintenance on your equipment.

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