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Tattoo Equipment Sterilization Made Easy

October 8, 2020

As many as 145 million Americans have tattoos, with the number increasing each year. Now that businesses, including tattoo shops, have begun the reopening process, the efforts surrounding equipment sterilization and implementing and following the proper guidelines are at the top of everyone’s mind.

The majority of tattoo shops use autoclaves to sterilize their non-disposable equipment. Everything from body jewelry, pliers, tattoo guns, needles, and hoses can be placed in an autoclave to kill microorganisms before use. Along with additional disinfecting measures, autoclaves take the guesswork and uncertainty out of the sterilization process.

An autoclave acts as a pressure chamber. Instruments or jewelry are placed inside and are exposed to extremely hot steam (around 270 degrees Fahrenheit) for at least 20 minutes. The duration depends on the size of the instruments and how many are loaded all at once. The hot steam then kills any bacteria and microorganisms. The method of using an autoclave to clean tattoo equipment is the safest because no chemicals are required to sterilize them. Autoclave sterilization takes away the potential for strong chemicals to come in contact with you and your customers.

Each autoclave comes with its own set of instructions on adequately loading and unloading equipment and proper maintenance. Since autoclaves are a significant investment, often costing thousands of dollars, properly managing and scheduling regular preventive maintenance is of the utmost importance. Having professionals who know the inner workings of autoclaves and the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance is essential.

Omnicor Biomedical Services has been leading the way with high-quality medical equipment repair and preventive maintenance since 1991. Our specialty is in autoclave maintenance and repair. Our technicians have the knowledge and expertise to keep your autoclave in the best condition, from inspection to cleaning, replacement parts, and mandatory safety checks.

Autoclaves are a vital part of a tattoo shop’s overall equipment sterilization procedures when properly used and maintained. They keep both customers and artists safe from any potential infections. The cleanliness of a business is a massive part of its reputation, especially for tattoo parlors. With the professionals at Omnicor Biomedical Services by your side to maintain your autoclaves, your shop’s reputation and integrity will continue to be held to the highest of standards.

Plus, Omnicor Biomedical Services is offering an exclusive $129 special on preventive maintenance for autoclaves for all new customers. Call or visit us here to schedule your appointment today!

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