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eBioTrack Software

The First Asset Management Software for Clinics

eBioTrack was designed with the materials manager in mind. eBioTrack is medical equipment management and maintenance software that helps you manage all of your medical equipment in one place. It is accessible 24 hours a day with your secure login. The system will remind you 30 and 60 days before annual maintenance is required and allows Omnicor Biomedical Services to monitor your status with another set of eyes.

The beauty of eBioTrack medical equipment management software is that it will never be finished. Where it is today is leagues away from where it began. Five years from today, it will look and feel different with additional features to help Omnicor Biomedical Services and our customers better manage their equipment and staff.

The secret to our constant evolution of this cutting-edge tool is that we encourage feedback and suggestions from the users themselves. We have customers comment, “If it would just do ‘this’ I could get rid of a separate program.” Or our technicians ask, “Can we schedule appointments from within the program we spend hours in each day?” Our reply is usually “YES!” If the upgrade/update helps one person, chances are it will help others.

eBioTrack is just one of the many advances in biomedical service that separates Omnicor Biomedical Services from our competition and helps eliminate inefficiencies with our customers.
 Autoclaves need to be cleaned weekly, AEDs checked monthly and almost all medical equipment inspected annually. We have customers that want everything inspected bi-annually. We have others that only want certain equipment checked bi-annually, while the remaining devices annually.

eBioTrack is the Swiss Army Knife of medical equipment management and maintenance software. Ready to respond to any request for tracking new tasks, upcoming events, service history on any piece of equipment, or a documented log of all completed actions.