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Don’t Let Your Maintenance Records Fall Short

September 2, 2020

Keeping detailed records of your facility’s medical equipment repair and scheduled maintenance is more important than ever before.

With the increased need for specialized equipment, federal and state safety and regulation compliance, and the difficulties COVID-19 has brought forward, managing medical equipment has become more and more complicated. There are fewer resources available to health facilities yet more equipment to manage. Your staff has their hands full with day-to-day operations, so why is it falling on them to be in charge of asset management? With the responsibility of equipment management falling on an already busy medical provider’s lap, the chance for health institutes to accrue large fines, battle potential lawsuits, or be shut down altogether increases considerably. Don’t let your health facility get caught in that trap.

Equipment is a tremendous expense to health institutions not only during an initial purchase but also over time with preventive maintenance. Knowing your equipment inventory, ensuring it has the proper service requirements, and that it provides accurate results to properly treat patients is critical to the success of your facility.

An equipment management system that is accessible, perpetual, and provides all the documentation of repairs and services is exactly what eBioTrack was created to do. With eBioTrack, you can download inventory and inspection reports, sign up for email reminders for upcoming inspections, and obtain equipment history reports for inspections and repairs. No matter if you have one site location or multiple locations, eBioTrack can manage the entire scope of your equipment.

eBioTrack employs experienced technicians, such as Omnicor’s, to complete full inventory and preventive maintenance checks in accordance with the manufacturer, state, and industry guidelines. These inspections provide compliance and adherence, ensure the accuracy of the equipment’s diagnostic results, and work to extend the life of your equipment.

Omnicor not only has the technical expertise to service and maintain equipment but the comprehensive software tools that eBioTrack offers to manage your equipment inventory and maintenance without burdening your staff further. It allows medical professionals to focus on what matters most: providing your patents with the utmost care.

eBioTrack is just one example of the many advances that make Omnicor the best biomedical service company around. Our goal is to eliminate inefficiencies and provide our customers with the best service from start to finish.

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