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Is Your Surgery Center Running At Peak Performance?

Did you know that the oldest surgery center in the nation began operating in 1804? By the early 1900s, the use of autoclaves alongside other sterilization methods became commonplace, leading to exponentially greater success rates. Today, a wide variety of medical equipment is required for surgical staff to perform many simple and complex procedures in

Top 4 Most Common Issues With Stretchers

Hospitals and surgery centers are stocked full of necessary equipment to save lives and make patients as comfortable as possible. Stretchers are perhaps the most used and most taken for granted piece of essential equipment within a medical facility. They are a necessity to help health care personnel easily transport patients to and from surgery

Costs You Face from Equipment Downtime

The cost of medical equipment downtime could be astronomical if proper care and upkeep are not followed or is pushed aside. That’s why having a preventative maintenance plan in place with a certified biomedical equipment repair company will minimize the financial impact of nonfunctioning or unplanned machinery breakdowns. The following are just a few problematic

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your HCAHPS Score

The Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) is a patient survey consisting of 32 simple questions concerning all aspects of a hospital stay, from interactions with doctors and nurses to housekeeping, pain management, and more. The purpose of the survey is to grade hospitals’ quality: the higher your hospital’s HCAHPS score, the

Tattoo Equipment Sterilization Made Easy

As many as 145 million Americans have tattoos, with the number increasing each year. Now that businesses, including tattoo shops, have begun the reopening process, the efforts surrounding equipment sterilization and implementing and following the proper guidelines are at the top of everyone’s mind. The majority of tattoo shops use autoclaves to sterilize their non-disposable

Don’t Let Your Maintenance Records Fall Short

Keeping detailed records of your facility’s medical equipment repair and scheduled maintenance is more important than ever before. With the increased need for specialized equipment, federal and state safety and regulation compliance, and the difficulties COVID-19 has brought forward, managing medical equipment has become more and more complicated. There are fewer resources available to health

Autoclave Service Tip

To keep sterilizer racks and trays at their utmost cleanliness, use a cleaner made especially for them, like the Sci-Dry® drying and rinse agent. It’s a true surfactant which repels the moisture and condensation that collects on top of the autoclave and will keep them looking new. Contact Omnicor Biomedical Services to purchase a bottle

Why You Need Preventative Maintenance On Your Medical Equipment

Are you a facility that uses biomedical equipment and is in need of equipment maintenance services? At Omnicor Biomedical Services, we pride ourselves on providing an array of different biomedical services. If you’re interested in rental equipment, preventative maintenance, ventilator service, sales, and equipment repair services, we offer each of those services for your biomedical facility.

An Overview of Purchasing Medical Equipment

When you run a medical facility or another type of facility that is in need of biomedical equipment, you probably want an easier way to purchase medical equipment for your facility than the usual way. You’re probably tired of shopping for biomedical equipment that’s very expensive and takes a long time to ship to you.

The Importance Of Having Access To Biomedical Repair Services

In our previous blog, we discussed the importance of Why You Need Access To Medical Equipment Rental. For any medical facility, it can be essential to have access to medical equipment rental and maintenance because emergencies happen. If you’re a medical facility who needs access to rental equipment, preventative maintenance, ventilator service, sales, and equipment