1. Why You Need Preventative Maintenance On Your Medical Equipment

    Are you a facility that uses biomedical equipment and is in need of equipment maintenance services? At Omnicor, we pride ourselves on providing an array of different biomedical services. If you’re interested in preventative maintenance, rental equipment, ventilator service, or equipment repair, we offer each of those services for your biomedical facility. In addition, if you’re looking to purc…Read More

  2. An Overview of Purchasing Medical Equipment

    When you run a medical facility or another type of facility that is in need of biomedical equipment, you probably want an easier way to purchase medical equipment for your facility than the usual way. You’re probably tired of shopping for biomedical equipment that’s very expensive and takes a long time to ship to you. You’re probably tired of buying directly from the company for your medical…Read More

  3. The Importance Of Having Access To Biomedical Repair Services

    In our previous blog, we discussed the importance of Why You Need Access To Medical Equipment Rental. For any medical facility, it can be essential to have access to medical equipment rental and maintenance because emergencies happen. If you’re a medical facility who needs access to repair services, preventive maintenance, rental equipment, ventilator service, and sales, then Omnicor is your ans…Read More

  4. Why You Need Access To Medical Equipment Rental

    If you are in the healthcare field, you know you will need to have the required medical equipment to be able to properly treat patients. If there’s an emergency, you need to have the proper equipment maintenance to take care of your biomedical equipment and in turn your patients. Like anything that breaks in life, whether it’s the generator, air conditioning, heater, or very important medical …Read More

  5. Welcome To Our Blog

    Welcome to our blog! Omnicor is the leader in repairing, renting, and selling medical equipment. We provide equipment maintenance and rental at any time that you need it. We’re able to go on-site to repair services at any time of day. In addition, if you have an emergency we’re able to be on-site within 24 hours or less with factory trained and certified technicians. We provide customers with …Read More